Kvelertak make awesome animated video for “Svartmesse”

Posted by on September 28, 2016


While reaction to Kvelertak’s third album, Nattesfesrd, seems to be alittle muted as compared to their previous two, is still a really enjoyable album. Their videos from it have been as well. The video for “1985” showed the band in Jackass mode, trashing an abandoned house, blowing up a toilet and the like. The next video, “Evig Vandrar,” featured a colorful animated video that looks like an outtake from the film Heavy Metal.  Today they released one for “Svartmesse,” and it’s another brilliant animated video. This one, mostly in black and white (with some green) is a gothy, kinda creepy video that mostly features a girl that looks like Emily Strange, a priest, cauldrons and violence that’s implied rather than shown. It’s extremely well-done, and with Halloween just around the corner, is worth a look.


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