Kirk Windstein thinks KISS should stop making records

Posted by on December 22, 2014

While KISS have sold over 100 million copies of their albums worldwide over the course of their 40-year career, they’ve slowed down in recent years, only releasing three albums since 1998. That’s three too many according to Crowbar guitarist Kirk Windstein, who thinks they shouldn’t be putting out any albums any more. According to an interview with Echo Asylum‘s Insanity, he thinks the quality of their music has dropped off:

“You hate to say it, but some bands, as they get older, they put out a record as an excuse to go on tour. As big a fan as I am of KISS, and, actually, after reading Paul Stanley’s book, I have a whole new insight on why they have Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer in KISS, and I do agree with Gene and Paul that at this point they probably do belong in KISS, even though Ace [Frehley] is my favorite character and member. But with a band like KISS, honestly, I wish that they would quit making records, because I haven’t liked the last couple of records that they’ve done. I understand they wanna make new music, but Jesus, the guys are getting close to their mid-60s now, and it’s, like, let’s be honest… For the most part, the people [buy KISS concert tickets] to see… they wanna hear ‘Detroit Rock City’, ‘Rock And Roll All Nite’, ‘She’, ‘God Of Thunder’, ‘Shout It Out Loud’… I mean, they’re not buying the tickets to hear the songs off the new record, and it’s kind of like an excuse, like I was saying to just… It’s just my opinion, [and] it doesn’t mean shit, but, to me, I think they should just continue to do the classic KISS stuff.”

He continues on in the interview to say that some  bands, like Exodus and Testament are still putting out vital music, even though their careers died down initially, adding that he hopes Crowbar isn’t viewed as a nostalgia act. Well, given that Symmetry in Black is a much more memorable album than Monster, KISS most recent album from 2012, he doesn’t have to worry about being viewed as a nostalgia act just yet. But we’re sure Gene and Paul aren’t losing any sleep over what Kirk Windstein has to say.


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