Kids don’t know how to react to KISS

Posted by on May 2, 2018

Are KISS evil clowns? That’s one way of putting it, and one of many that some kids listening to the band for the first time expressed in the latest “Kids React To” series. Some of the others included “I don’t like old music,” “does he have to do that with his tongue?” he band’s appearance matters more than the music to the kids, which I guess is something that hasn’t changed since the ’70s. However, the band’s music shines through, and many of the kids like the tracks, even though it’s their first time hearing it.  One of the best comments comes from a kid watching their hair metal ballad “Forever “when she says “I don’t like it as much, it doesn’t feel like Kiss.” It’s a testament to the band that their songs shine through 40 years later, however, and the band might have made a few new fans out of this. 

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