Kerry King Gets A Seat At The Jäger Table

Posted by on May 3, 2012

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b0oh_2L3DE[/youtube]It’s no surprise that Slayer like  Jägermeister, especially lead guitarist Kerry King. However, we were a little surprised to see him prominently featured in their new advertising campaign, A Stronger Bond. In the spot,”A Seat at the Table,” rodeo bullfighter Rob Smets walks through a house to find six intimidating-looking men sitting at a table. Along with King (who’s the only musician at the table), are boxing trainer Freddie Roach, ESPN analyst and all-pro wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson, NASCAR pit crew champion Mike Lingerfelt, tattoo and street artist Mister Cartoon, and surfer Nathan Fletcher.

As the ad explains, “Today, a group who live up to this legacy have been offered a seat at The Table, a place where men who have lived lives darker and brighter than others come together. Like  Jägermeister, they are strong and untames. And like the men that came before them, they acheived their success with the help of their brothers.”

This is great branding for both  Jäger and Slayer. Considering Slayer have headlined the  Jägermeister Music Tour before, it’s a natural fit. And aside from Jeff Hanneman’s Heineken-inspired guitar, the liqueur and the metal band are pretty much synonymous with each other. The only other musician we would imagine that would be able to earn a seat at the table – and this is because of “The View,” would be James Hetfield. Check out King’s individual segment after the jump, and you can see the others’ segments at Jägermeister’s web site.


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