Is this Chris Adler’s leg drumming for Megadeth?

Posted by on March 25, 2015

Earlier today, Megadeth posted a curious video on their Instagram account. It wasn’t really that curious, just fifteen seconds of a guy drumming. Then again, given that the band haven’t named who’s replacing Shawn Drover yet. And the rumor mill is working overtime that it’s Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler filling in on drums for the new album, which is apparently being worked on now. Sure, maybe the two just decided to have a taco about it, but this video surfacing just days after seems to suggest more is at hand (or leg, as the case might be).

An eagle-eyed Instagram user points out that Adler also uses Aquarian drumheads, and that it’s Adler’s drumming style. So far, they’re not revealing anything, but with the #megadeth15 hashtag meaning a new album will be out in the next nine months, it looks like we’ll know before too long.


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