Is Chris Adler recording drums for Megadeth’s new album?

Posted by on March 15, 2015

megadeth-chris-adlerWell, guess we can rule out the Rust In Peace era of Megadeth reuniting anytime soon. A new rumor has been making its way around the web that Megadeth has tapped drummer Chris Adler to play drums on its forthcoming album. The same rumor also suggests that Kiko Loureiro of Brazilian metal band Angra has been chosen as the band’s new guitarist.

If the rumors are true, Adler’s involvement would most likely be limited to the studio given his commitment to Lamb Of God, leaving Megadeth still in need of a permanent replacement for drummer Shawn Drover. While this hasn’t been confirmed yet, Adler appears to already have the support of Megadeth’s former drummer Nick Menza. With many having previously speculated his return to the band, Menza recently upload a play-through video titled “Maybe I can play on Lamb of God’s new album?” He also left a comment below the video saying the following:

“Well since Adler is playing on Megadeth new album.

Do I get to play on Lamb of God new album?

I’m down for it ….

Chris you rock! One of my favorite drummers.

Good luck bro …..”

Again, Megadeth has yet to confirm Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick’s replacements, though supposedly the band is slated to start recording on March 17 in Nashville. Dave Mustaine also revealed that as of March 10, they had auditioned “one of my final picks for my new guitarist”, while a few days later tweeting that “Clues coming in 10 days or less.”

Adler has been very outspoken in the past about his love for Megadeth, and the idea of hearing him jam with Mustaine and David Ellefson is definitely intriguing. While we’re not all that familiar with Loureiro, it’s obvious from simply watching him play that he’s got the chops. If Mustaine’s less than subtle tweets are true, though, it’s only a matter of days till we know for sure.

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