Usually when we get music or press releases from labels, we know what’s coming and expect it. What we weren’t ready for was this unsolicited submission to our “tips” inbox. Perhaps because Metal Insider has written about Shining before, most recently about their forthcoming album International Blackjazz Society, we got this mysterious submission sent to us. It wasn’t from Shining’s label or publicist, and purports to show, as it’s title, a “Secret IBS Cult Initiation in Death Calley, CA.”

If it was filmed in Death Valley, and Shining is from Norway, apparently, there might actually be an International Blackjazz Society, or at least a bunch of Shining fans confusing the hell out of people. There’s no Shining music in the clip, nor mention of the band. We’ve responded to the email and will let you know what we hear back. The album will be out on Spinefarm Records on October 16th.