Shining would like you to join their International Blackjazz Society

Posted by on August 7, 2015

shining2015There are quite a few Shinings out there. There’s the Stephen King book, the Swedish black metal band, the Stanley Kubrick adaptation of the King book, and the beer from Texas (oh wait, that’s Shiner). However, Norwegian “blackjazz” ensemble Shining have been impressing the hell out of us for years, and they’re back with a new album and song. Emerging from pretty much a jazz quartet to a full on black metal ensemble to the space they occupy now as an avant-garde band that sounds a bit like Nine Inch Nails with a saxophone player. That doesn’t do them justice at all, actually.

At any rate, the band’s new album, and first for Spinefarm, has been announced. International Blackjazz Society is the name of the band’s forthcoming album, which is available for pre-order now and will be everywhere on October 16th. The band have released a live video of a track on the album, “The Last Stand.” If you pre-order the album, you’ll get the song instantly.


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