In Vain share new song “Soul Adventurer” featuring Trivium’s Matt Heafy

Posted by on January 17, 2018

In Vain are releasing a new album on January 26th titled, Currents via Indie Recordings. To promote the album, the band has released a colorful new video for “Soul Adventurer” that guest stars, Trivium’s frontman Matt Heafy and Leprous/Rendezvous Point drummer Baard Kolstad.

On the band’s Facebook, the video director Troll Toftenes provided his thoughts on the creative process.

“In Vain’s powerful anthem Soul Adventurer takes the listener on a journey through inner spaces of abstract time and focused thought. Imagine an epic mental adventure confined by the strains of physical coma, a place of vast exploration while at the same time standing completely still. I pictured this paradoxical state of mind a deep dark place where gloomy shadows were constantly being bombarded with blindingly bright bursts of light, like flashes of intense neural activity jolting through a hibernating brain. Images of distant memories are flowing through and mixing up with present sensory input, creating a confusing yet coherent mesh of visual context. We wanted to showcase the striking performing presence of the band, so we placed them in the middle of this subconscious rollercoaster ride, creating all the visual effects on location and in camera, to further enhance the sensation of an altered reality and an abstract state of mind.”

Pre-order the album here and check out the video below:

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