Trivium’s New Album Is Being Produced By Disturbed’s David Draiman

Posted by on January 16, 2013

Apparently Device hasn’t been the only thing keeping David Draiman busy. As it turns out, the Disturbed frontman has also working with Trivium on their next album.

That’s right, David Draiman is producing the next Trivium album. Gossip about this started when bassist Paolo Gregoletto posted the picture above of Draiman and frontman Matt Heafy via Instagram, and then this photo via Facebook with the hashtag “#triviumvi.” It didn’t take long for Metal Injection to get confirmation from Gregoletto that Draiman is indeed producing Trivium’s follow up to 2011’s In Waves at a studio in Austin, TX.

While Disturbed did self-produce their last two studio albums, this may mark the first time Draiman has produced another group’s album. While we can only speculate how the new Trivium album will sound under Draiman’s influence, we do know that expectations have just gotten higher. No release date has been set in stone yet, but Trivium are expected to record the album from now through March.

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