Trivium avoided social media during recording

Posted by on October 2, 2015

Trivium released their newest album Silence In The Snow today, and you’ve probably heard a few tracks from it over the past few months. Did you notice they didn’t post any photos during the recording process like other bands do? Doing without blurry Instagram photos and cryptic Tweets was intentional, as vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy explains in a recent interview with Allschools.

Said Heafy,

“We were looking at how the other bands were promoting their records. It was basically the same thing: band guy, Instagram, sitting by the computer with a beer, saying, ‘Oh, I just finished drums.’

We said, ‘How can we be different?’ Well, if everyone is talking about the record all the time, let’s not let anyone know we’re recording at all and just release it when it’s done.”

“When a movie is coming out, we’re not seeing the ‘making of’ now – we’re seeing trailers for the final product.

We wanted to wait, release a video, and let that be the first thing versus us teasing stuff without music.”

And that’s just what they did, releasing a music video for “Silence In The Snow” in July. Trivium is currently on a co-headling touring with Tremonti, on The HardDrive Live Tour, which wraps up on October 20th in Denver, CO.


(via Metal Hammer)

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