Hellyeah, Mudvayne, Skrape members answer The Calling as Audiotopsy

Posted by on October 7, 2015


New Napalm signing Audiotopsy have just released their debut album, Natural Causes, on Napalm Records. Depending on what the names Hellyeah, Mudvayne and Skrape mean to you, you’ll really enjoy this song, as the  band features members of all three bands. The band have released “The Calling” as a video for the song. Of the three bands, it probably sounds the most like Hellyeah, as guitarist Greg Tribbett (who was also in Mudvayne) was in that band most recently. His reunion in Audiotopsy with Mudvayne drummer Matt McDonough might be the closest thing there is to a reunion for the time being, though.

Natural Causes is out now on Napalm Records and can be picked up here.

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