Hello Kittie! J-Pop Metal Band Features Really Young Girls

Posted by on October 28, 2011

Those crazy bastards at Metal Injection have done it again. They’ve uncovered Baby Metal, a Japanese band featuring 12 and 13 year-old girls as singers. When the music first kicks in with a masked and anonymous backing band playing, it sounds a bit like Fear Factory, but as soon as the “Su-Metal,” “Moametal” and “Yuimetal” start singing, it turns into generic Japanese sing-songy  pop. The band’s Facebook page describes them as a “mix of Idol and metal.” Presumably, that means Idol as in American Idol, but these Hot Topic harajukus aren’t about to win any vocal competitions. If you like bouncy pop with occasionally heavy syncopated riffs underneath them, you’ve found your new favorite band. And hey Revolver, we’ll take a finders fee for next year’s “hottest chicks in hard rock and metal” issue…

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