Video: Adam Lambert Covers Metallica

Posted by on October 18, 2010


This really shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Even though he was an American Idol contestant and is more known for his horrible pop dance music, Adam Lambert has a lot of rock influences. The first openly gay American Idol contestant won lots of praise for his renditions of Queen, Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin classics. So seeing him cover Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” isn’t too much of a stretch. Furthermore, it doesn’t sound too awful (the vocals are a little on the high side, but whatever). Think of it this way, it kind of sounds like a (good) glam metal band covering the song. Check out him covering the song live in Auckland, New Zealand above.

And if you just didn’t get enough seeing pop stars covering Metallica, then check out Shakira’s rendition of “Nothing Else Matters” (starts around the 1:30 mark) after the jump. Admit it, you want to check it out!


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