Babymetal want chocolate!

Posted by on February 27, 2014


Last fall, Metal Insider contributor Anthony Maisano spent the semester abroad in Japan. When talking about the Japanese metal scene over there, of course he brought up Babymetal, the band fronted by a trio of metal/J-pop teen girls that have been around for the last four years. They came out with their debut album yesterday, and it’s actually available worldwide. The band have unveiled a video for the first single, “Give me Choco!!” And yeah, as you might think, the song is about wanting chocolate. And yeah, it’s actually pretty damn heavy until you get the to chorus that’s as saccharine as the food they’re singing about. Not to mention the choreographed dance moves. Novelty? Absolutely, but considering the popularity of J-pop and K-pop over here, it’s a matter of time until they bring their act stateside.


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