Hear Metallica crush “Damage Inc.” in 1987 in Germany

Posted by on November 3, 2017

First things first: Master of Puppets is probably Metallica’s finest moment.  It took them from a band well-known in metal circles to the biggest band in metal. Made without compromise, all four members fired on all cylinders, and although it turned out to be the last album Cliff Burton played on, it’s a fitting epitaph to him. With a remastered version of the album coming out next week (10), the band have been releasing some clips that will be on the deluxe version. One such track, released today, is the album’s closer “Damage Inc.,” recorded live in Essen, West Germany in January 1987. Burton was already gone by then, but Jason Newsted (or “Jason Newkid,” as they called him) did an admirable job. The band still sound great today, but 30 years ago, were a machine. 


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