Happy International day of Slayer

Posted by on June 6, 2014


On June 6th, 2006, an International Day of Slayer made a lot of sense. It was 6/6/06, after all, and it was high time metal got a holiday. Somehow, in the ensuing years, every June 6th became Slayer day, and while we’re not sure how that’s happened (6614 is NOT the number of the beast), any excuse to listen to the heaviest of the Big 4 bands is OK by us. And let’s be honest, it makes a hell of a lot more sense than yelling “Slayer” on Jeff Hanneman’s birthday. While we already brought you our favorite Kerry King songs a few days ago when he turned 50, the International Day of Slayer site has posted a full 1985 concert from them live at the Dynamo in the Netherlands. Enjoy your holiday, metalheads.

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