Happy 50th birthday to Slayer’s Kerry King

Posted by on June 3, 2014

While a lot of the coverage about Slayer in the past year has rightfully been about the sad and shocking passing of guitarist Jeff Hanneman (and also the dismissal of original drummer Dave Lombardo), perhaps the most iconic member of the band is guitarist Kerry King. Co-founding Slayer back in 1981 with Hanneman, the goateed guitarist is known for his unique style of soloing, as well as his blindingly fast rhythms, and is absolutely an invaluable part of Slayer’s sound. In addition to his work in Slayer, he’s also contributed guitar work to some other classic songs, including Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep till Brooklyn” and the solo to “Fight For Your Right (To Party)” and Pantera’s “Goddamn Electric.” As Slayer has progressed in their career, much of the band’s latter output had found King taking on more of a songwriting role. In honor of King’s 50th, here are our favorite King or mostly King-written songs from each Slayer album.

“Hell Awaits” from Hell Awaits (1985)



“Piece by Piece” from Reign in Blood (1986)


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