Failure play another new song, discuss new album and tour

Posted by on May 27, 2014


A few weeks ago, we got to hear the first new song from Failure in 18 years, and now you can help yourself to another. You can listen to just the audio of the song in the video above or you can watch actual footage of the premiere in the one below. Frontman Ken Andrews also spoke with Chicagoist about the band’s reunion and future plans:

“I see this more as a reforming rather than a reunion. To me a reunion is playing a few shows and then that’s it. It’s done. We’re going to do a full new album and then a touring cycle on that album at least. After that, we really don’t know.”

“We definitely thought about doing something new and we went down a few different paths. We were playing around with electronica stuff and all sorts of things. But the stuff we kept playing back and listening to and liking sounded a lot like Failure.

“The way we were collaborating and sounding the best was a lot like how we sounded onFantastic Planet. I think we still have a lot to say in that way. We didn’t exhaust it. We have at least one more album in us.”

Sounds promising to us. Keep an eye out for the band on their current tour.



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