It’s official – Failure are recording a new album

Posted by on January 9, 2015

Fans of Failure were excited on New Years Day, when they updated their Facebook page art with new artwork that said “2015” on it, leading us to speculate that new music might be coming from the band. Today, the band confirmed that they are indeed writing their first album in 19 years. Ken Andrews took to Facebook with the good news:

OK, so if you have not heard, we are officially in the studio making the follow-up LP to Fantastic Planet. To say that we are enjoying the process, would be a huge understatement. For me personally, getting back to record making from the artist’s chair has never felt so right and so satisfying. The band is truly in full creative swing with all pistons firing.
So in recognition of this fact, we are launching something next week that I think a lot of Failure fans are going to be happy about. Stay tuned…
The photo below was taken in our new studio. It shows a few of the new gadgets we are using on the new album. Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Earth Quaker Devices for making some of the best riff inspiring pedals we’ve used to date.

-Ken Andrews

This is great news for fans of the band, which includes fans of meticulous alt-rock and audio engineers everywhere. The band broke up following the release of their 1996 album Fantastic Planet, while frontman Ken Andrews continued his career with projects including On and Year of the Rabbit. Failure reunited in 2013, touring last year. They recorded an EP, Tree of Stars, that was available on tour.

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