This Week In Unnecessary Reunions: Crazy Town

Posted by on July 26, 2010


Just in time to cash in on the rap-metal revival started by Limp Bizkit (that, um, still hasn’t happened), Crazy Town has announced today that they will be reuniting for a performance at the 2nd Annual SRH Fest on August 7 in San Bernardino, CA. That’s right: the band who even rap metal fans thought were crap is reuniting. As we scratch our heads wondering why this is happening, let’s hear what co-frontman Seth “Shifty Shellshock” Binzer has to say about the reunion:

“We’re excited to make SRH Fest our reunion show. This show is going feature a lot of bands that we respect and artists we’re friends with. It will be a great way to introduce Crazy Town back into the scene.”

Ok, so now that we heard from Mr. Shellshock, we’ll ask again: why are they reuniting?! Fans didn’t want to see them back in 2001 on Ozzfest, and that’s when their popularity had peaked. What makes them think the world has changed their minds? And for those who might not remember the gift known as Crazy Town, then check out the video for the song that made them famous (WARNING: you will instantly hate me once you play the song). In fact, as a palate cleanser, click below to hear the song Crazy Town stole to make their only hit. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVxjdJoh4SM[/youtube]

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