Electra Mustaine releases new country song “Life is Good”

Posted by on August 31, 2016


For some strange reason we’re trying to pin on 2016 and its weird trends, many metal musicians have announced their plans to write and record country albums. Behemoth’s Nergal, former Morbid Angel singer David Vincent, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Jimmy Bower from Eyehategod and Down and several more, with the exception of Ozzy Osbourne who stated clearly he won’t be a “country bumpkin.” Now it seems to be extending even to the offspring of our metal heroes as shown by Dave Mustaine’s daughter who released a new country song.

Electra Mustaine recently released a new pop-country song titled “Life is Good” which will be part of her new yet-to-be-titled EP. The song is exactly what you might expect from an 18 year-old country singer and features a cameo from country singer Steve Wariner, whom Dave Mustaine asked to play some steel-guitar parts on Megadeth’s latest album Dystopia. She stated about the track:

“This song is such a feel-good song. Times right now are really crazy, with all the things going on in the world, and people need to feel good, and I wanted to introduce myself to the country world with something that showed my personality.”

When asked about her metal father’s thoughts about the song, Mustaine replied: “If I didn’t put this song out, I’d probably be kicked out of my house,” she says with a laugh. “It was his favorite and he was singing it all the time.”

So there you have it. Take a listen to the single and let us know what you think. By his reaction to it, don’t be surprised if we see Mustaine senior putting on a cowboy hat and boots in the future. Especially when she rhymes “Sugar Ray” with “Saturday.”



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