Eight awesome album updates – 4/20

Posted by on April 20, 2021

03) Lacuna Coil to release Live From the Apocalypse in June

Lacuna Coil have announced their new live album, Live From The Apocalypse, will be released on June 25th via Century Media Records (pre-order here). The live event is taken from the group’s livestream in September 2020 where they performed their latest effort, Black Anima in its entirety. A live video for their performance of “Bad Things” is now available. 


Watch the clip below:



Track List:

01) Anima Nera

02) Sword Of Anger

03) Save Me

04) Now Or Never

05) Reckless

06) Through The Flames

07) Apocalypse

08) Black Feathers

09) Under The Surface

10) The End Is All I Can See

11) Veneficium

12) Black Dried Up Heart

13) Bad Things

14) Layers Of Time

15) Black Anima

16) Save Me (Apocalypse Version)


04) Die Apokalyptischen Reiter to release The Divine Horsemen in July

Germany’s Die Apokalyptischen Reiter have announced a unique way to celebrate their 25th anniversary with the release of The Divine Horsemen. The double album is more of a musical experiment where the band recorded without rehearsals during this past fall. The group recorded 500 minutes of improvised music where 80 minutes of their experiment will be available on a double cd, produced by Alexander Dietz from Heaven Shall Burn, on July 2nd via Nuclear Blast (pre-order here). 


The group comments:

“It’s been more than ten years since, on a boozy campfire night in South Tirol, the genie of the ‘two-day record sprung out of the bottle for the first time. In the year 2020, our 25th anniversary as a band, we have gifted ourselves with it. Five friends making music together, letting themselves go, reveling in the past and experimenting without limitations. Without rehearsal, composition or reflection: music in its most primordial form, only intended for the moment. Are we still able to be the small, wild boys of the past, who have become men with a history by now? Can we destroy and resurrect ourselves within just a few hours? Just like old times when we didn’t know anything about music, and there wasn’t any right or wrong, no good nor evil. The star was to explode! We wish you a pleasant journey! Happy birthday to us!”


A music video for one of the experiments, “Tiki,” can be viewed below: 


Track List:


CD 1:

01) Tiki (2:32)

02) Salus (2:11)

03) Amma Guru (2:27)

04) Inka (9:19)

05) Nachtblume (1:33)

06) Aletheia (4:30)

07) Duir (12:14)

08) Children Of Mother Night (5:03)


CD 2: 

01) Uelewa (9:45)

02) Haka (1:59)

03) Simbi Makya (6:59)

04) Wa He Gu Ru (3:29)

05) Akhi (5:09)

06) Ymir (5:04)

07) Eg On Kar (6:18)




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