Clutch ironing out a new song on the road

Posted by on April 28, 2015

While CLutch haven’t really been the most hands-on in terms of social media in the past, it seems like they’re getting with the times, judging from their Facebook feed. Last week, they shared a video of “Electric Worry” being played during a Pirates game, and yesterday they spent a day off by listening to a few tracks from their forthcoming 11th album. “Psychic Warfare” is a song that they’ve been playing on the road in recent months, and that’s presumably what is being blasted from an ironing board in a hotel room. We’ll find out soon enough. The band’s next album is tentatively due out this Fall.

Missing Link Tour Day 12: Day off Psychic Warfare Is Real! We’re enjoying a beautiful west coast evening and listening to a few songs off of the forthcoming album. Thank you Clutch and Mastodon fans for making this tour so incredible.

Posted by Clutch on Monday, April 27, 2015


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