Cattle Decapitation, The Locust, Decapitated surprise fan at wedding

Posted by on May 17, 2016

chris downey cattle weddingIf your parents saw how nice metalheads can be, they would probably stop asking you when you’re going to “grow out of that phase” during family dinners. The past few days, we keep getting word of bands fulfilling the last dying wishes of their fans by scattering ashes during their shows. It’s sad that those deceased fans can’t see their wishes come true, but there are others who can get a nice shout out from their favorite bands, like a man who got personal congratulations from some of his.

Badass and happily married lady Kathne Downey surprised her husband Chris with a very special wedding video the day they tied the knot. Instead of showing boring pictures of them growing up, Kathne was able to round up some of Chris’ favorite bands like Decapitated, Cattle Decapitation and The Locust to wish them both a happy marriage. You can watch the footage of his reaction below.

Congratulation to the Downeys on their wedding!


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