Behemoth with Nick ashesRemember yesterday when we told you about Dying Fetus scattering the ashes of a deceased metalhead on stage during a Chicago show? Turns out that wasn’t an isolated event, as it seems like other metal bands have complied to the fan’s last request, including Abbath, Behemoth and Taake.

It seems like the late metal head known simply as ‘Nick’ have spent quite some time on several Chicago stages thanks to his friend David Rich who have been asking several bands to do the same. He explained on one of his videos showing Behemoth’s frontman Nergal paying tribute to his friend:

“I take nick’s ashes with me every show that i go to so that he is there with me and at shows that he’s missing out on. i love you nick. thank you so much Adam Nergal for doing this i couldn’t have been happier. i appreciate this more then you know.”

Rich should be given the ‘Best best friend award’ for doing this and we are totally jealous about it. We’re not sure how many more bands have honored Nick but you can watch footage of Abbath, Taake and Behemoth with his ashes on the videos below.

[via theprp]