Breaking news: Christians don’t like Slayer

Posted by on September 14, 2015


Have you heard of The Vigilant Christian? If the answer is “no,” that means you haven’t gotten lost in the internet wormhole of evangelical Christianity. Mario Brisson is a 27 year-old whose YouTube channel has over 266,000 subscribers. He’s also a conspiracy theorist that believes in the illuminati and has deemed everything from Apple to The Legend of Zelda as satanic. He’s ranted about Iron Maiden as well, stating the there were subliminal messages from the satanic illuminati in their music. His latest target? Slayer. In the 12-minute video, he first jumps into bands like The Beatles, David Bowie, KISS and AC/DC (hilariously singing “Highway to Hell”) before transitioning to Slayer’s “Repentless” video.

We’ll give the Vigilant Christian this – he did a good job of turning his screed against Slayer around. The “Repentless” video just premiered on Friday, and has racked up a phenomenal one million views in just three days. The reaction video from The Vigilant Christian made it up to the internet the following day. After talking about the violent, bloody video, he then calls on views to not be repentless, but to repent, or fear the wrath of God. However, when talking about God returning to the earth, he unknowingly (?) shows the album cover of Judas Priest’s Ram it Down. If this guy is secretly trolling everyone, he’s doing a goddamned good job. See what we did there?


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