Best Music Videos of the Week Ending 7/7

Posted by on July 7, 2017

Another week has flown by and this time around, we are greeted with the Melvins’ new album and a brutal Decapitated. Additionally, we have seen a few time warp occurrences including Foo Fighter’s collaborating with a member of Boyz II Men and seeing footage of Nirvana’s 1988 RadioShack recording surface. However, we were also reminded that we are less than seven months away until 70,000 Tons of Metal 2018. Perhaps, this weekend we can look forward to a new Iron Maiden brew while drinking the Trooper beer and watching Rex Brown’s history along with this week’s top five music videos.

5) Exit Eden – “Unfaithful” (Rihanna Cover)

Exit Eden, the brand new all-female act consisting of members Amanda Somerville, Clémentine Delauney, Marina La Torraca and Anna Brunner debut album Rhapsodies In Black will be released on August 4th via Napalm Records. The album will feature a handful of covers from several artists including Rihanna, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Adele and more. This week they unveiled the video to the Rihanna cover tune, “Unfaithful.”

The band shared their explanation:

“Rihanna is one of the major artists in pop music these days, always on the edge of being too much, too provocative, too vulgar, yet with a hint of grace of her own. We like that, but felt that it could use a sharper edge and a darker, no-apologies vibe. The accelerated tempo gives it a new energy and spins us into oblivion with the march of banners held high!”

4) Edguy – “King Of Fools” – Live In Sao Paulo

Edguy’s forthcoming 25th-anniversary package, Monuments arrives next Friday (14th) via Nuclear Blast and today, the group unveiled a brand new live video from San Paulo for the song “King of Fools.”

The group announced the “breathtaking” live video as:

Here is a truly ‘breathtaking’ 😉 live version of our first top 40 single. A nice little Rock song called King of Fools! Cheesy KEYBOARDS in Rock? WHY NOT? Check this out!!!”

3) Ye Banished Privateers – “Annabel”

For those who are looking to find some treasure and take no prisoners, this one is for you. Ye Banished Privateers third studio album was released last week via Napalm Records. For those who are unfamiliar, think about a folkier and calmer Alestorm. These pirate folks unleashed the new video for the song “Annabel” to celebrate the record’s arrival.

2) Dawn of Disease – “Akephalos”


German death metallers brand new album Ascension Gate will be released on August 11th via Napalm Records. This week, the band premiered a video for the new song “Akephalos.” Vocalist Tomasz Wisniewski describes this tune as:

“‘Akephalos’ unleashes pure energy and takes no prisoners. It represents the more brutal side of our new album without disregarding some catchy melodies. The vocals go beyond the limit while the drums oscillate between insane bludgeoning and catchy grooves. The melodic guitar part at the end of the song completes this diversified atmospheric journey. Akephalos rise!”

1) Eluveitie – “Epona”

Eluveitie recently went through a lineup shuffle shortly after members Anna Murphy, Ivo Henzi, and Merlin Sutter parted ways from the group and formed Cellar Darling. These Swiss folk metallers have now unleashed the first video featuring their new members for the song “Epona,” taken from their forthcoming album Evocation II – Pantheon out August 18th via Nuclear Blast.

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