Finnish power metal outfit Beast In Black have unleashed a Katri Koppanen-directed video for their new single, “Power Of The Beast.”

Anton Kabanen comments:

“’Power Of The Beast’ takes us one step further in showcasing our passion towards high energy music, unstoppable beats, solid melodies, (synth)riffs and a meaningful message. It’s dedicated to everyone who’s in need of encouragement, motivation, determination and inner strength to aspire onward. The message of the song is like the unyielding attitude and empowering resolution of Guts, the protagonist from the manga “Berserk”. That said, the lyrics are indeed a hybrid based off “Berserk” and my own lifeview and experiences. With musical influences heavily permeated by the so called Super Eurobeat, which I have absorbed through the years, I think it’s fairly justified – but obviously with a tongue in cheek – to describe this song as Super Eurobeast! It’s the first of its kind but we promise you it’s definitely not gonna be the last!”

Music video director Katri Koppanen adds:

“I began working on the music video script when only fragments of the lyrics were available, and Anton had just a few initial ideas about the song text. Even in the early stages, it was clear that the song’s message was going to be empowering and energetic, which resonated with me, especially given how dark, chaotic, and overwhelming the world has become in recent years. Quite often, I catch myself missing the innocence of movies from the 80s and 90s, where bad guys always got what they deserved. Inspired by that, I wanted to create something fun based on my favorite movies from that era—something that leaves you in a good mood at the end.”

Watch the clip below:

Feature Image Photo Credit: Timo Isoaho