Anthrax unveil another snippet of new music

Posted by on March 5, 2015


#Anthraxalbum2015. That’s the hashtag that keeps reminding us that there will be a new album from Anthrax at some point this year. It really seems like we might have new albums from three of the big four this year, and with Metallica working on 20 songs, who knows what could happen?

At any rate, with the Game of Thrones “Catch the Throne” mixtape coming soon, another snippet of an Anthrax track has made its way online. The video is titled “There’s A Monster At the End.” There are no monsters at the end of the video, so perhaps that’s what the song is called? Either way, it features very melodic vocals from Joey Belladonna before cascading into a groove that we hear a few seconds of. It’s hard to tell whether or not this is the same song that’s teased in the other video they’ve already released. They’re definitely doing a great job of building excitement for the album, which we know will be coming this year.


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