Abbath falls down at metal fest

Posted by on July 27, 2017

If you were at yesterday’s Metaldays festival in Tolmin, Slovenia yesterday, you got to see something pretty epic. Even if you weren’t now you’ve got something amazing preserved on video forevermore. During Abbath’s performance, he ran offstage and up a hill on the side of the stage and stood there, playing guitar for a few. Badass, for sure. The crowd rushed him and he stood there looking every much like the rock star he was. THen, unfortunately, he decided to run back to the stage downhill in the mud. Things didn’t work out so well for him on his trip back because he tripped on the way back. He took it well, though, and while he looked a little grim, he always does. It looks like the only thing that was bruised was his ego. 


[via Metal Injection]



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