Abbath says he felt forced to leave Immortal

Posted by on October 14, 2015

abbath 306It’s hard to imagine Immortal without frontman Abbath, but he left the band to form his own, basically declaring the band’s name done. With his new project, Abbath, set to come out on Season of Mist early next year and a single coming in December, the frontman was interviewed by TheMusic.com.au, about the circumstances in which he left. At first, he’d thought that co-founder Demonaz adn drummer Horgh had quit the band. In this interview, he says he thought he’d been fired from the band:

“I feel like I’ve been fired,” he spits. “It was never my intention to go solo but I really feel like I’ve been forced into it. Apparently they are going to continue on without me and that’s fine – but it was very disappointing that no-one, not even Nuclear Blast, wanted to hear my side of the story. The other guys wanted to do things solely on their timetable and also claimed that I need to go to rehab, which was just nonsense because I’ve always delivered, live and in the studio: always. My plan was to go into the studio last year – if I had my way Immortal would have been on tour right now.

“I just think they ended up being in it for the wrong reasons,” he continues. “They weren’t showing any passion for what we were doing. Even though my new band is called ‘Abbath’ it finally feels like I’m in a real band – part of a group of musicians who have a great dialogue and share a passion for the music. It didn’t feel like that in Immortal for a long time.”

The first studio music you’ll get to hear from Abbath will be “Count the Dead,” which is coming on December 11th as a 7″ single. A cover of Judas Priese’s “Riding on the Wind” will be the b-side. You can get another taste of the album via a live version of “Fenrir Hunts,” another song that will be on the album. You can preorder the single here.



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