Abbath performs on stage for the first time with new band

Posted by on June 29, 2015

abbath_306Immortal former frontman and black metal’s favorite meme, Abbath, announced his Immortal’s replacing project, originally named Abbath a few months ago and we can finally see footage of his debut performance in Tuska Open Air, which in reality, doesn’t look that much different than any other Immortal live show.

The setlist included many Immortal and I songs but debuted a new song titled “Fenrir Hunts” which you can enjoy on Abbath’s new record set to be released on 2016 via Season of Mist. You can watch a couple of videos of Mr. Abbath’s debut below:

Abbath Setlist at Tuska 2015
1. Warriors(I cover)
2. Battalions (I song)
3. Fenrir Hunts (New Song)
4. One By One (Immortal song)
5. Tyrants (Immortal song)
6. Cursed We Are (i cover)
7. In My Kingdom Cold (Immortal song)
8.Hordes To War (Immortal song)
9. Withstand The Fall Of Time (Immortal song)




[via metalsucks.net]

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