Gamers rejoice: Iron Maiden’s video game is here for free!

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Iron Maiden have had a longer history with video games than most. Their Ed Hunter computer game was part of a Greatest Hits compilation, and the Donkey Kong-like game they made for “Speed of Light” was incredibly fun, not to mention their excellent video for the song, which played like a video game. So it wasn’t all that surprising when they announced their own mobil video game, Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast would be coming out this year. The free game was released today for iOS and Android, and we’re downloading it as this is being written. It looks like it’s a role-playing game, and we’ll bring you a proper review of it once we get a chance to play. In the meantime, here’s what bassist Steve Harris says about the game:

“We’ve always wanted to make a quality Maiden mobile game as we think the combination of Eddie and the music is so well suited – and it’s a great way to get our music out to a new audience! When the opportunity arose to make a mobile game which our fans, along with hopefully a lot of the gaming community, can play pretty well anywhere in the world, and download for free at that, we jumped at it. The whole band visited Roadhouse while touring through Vancouver back in April and we were so impressed by the creativity, enthusiasm and passion of the team there. Visually, the worlds and character designs do us proud and the music just ties it all together.”

Phantom Music Management Interactive Director Llexi Leon added:

“Eddie is constantly evolving; he’s a globally recognizable character that resonates with fans of all ages, and has taken on a life of his own beyond the album covers where he first appeared. This game gives players a chance to step into Eddie’s world and experience an odyssey across space and time. In this incredible RPG adventure, we’re able to explore the origins of Eddie’s power and test the limit of his abilities, bringing new mechanics to the mobile RPG genre, and creating a truly unique gaming experience for everyone to enjoy.”

A free game with Iron Maiden music in which you control Eddie? This is something that every Maiden fan will want to check out, even if they’re not gamers. And if it’s a truly awesome game, the rest of the video gaming community could pick up on it too. Sorry Candy Crush, your reign might be over. If you’re an avid gamer that’s downloaded Legacy of the Beast, let us know what you think of the game by emailing us at tips[at]metalinsider.net or leaving your thoughts in the comments section below.

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is available for free download now on iOS and Android.

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