Iron Maiden’s Speed of Light, now in video game form

Posted by on August 28, 2015

Iron Maiden is about to release their newest offering The Book of Souls next Friday and we heard some of it with their music video “Speed of Light,” featuring the infamous Eddy in many fictional video games that made you want to play yourself, and the band heard you and now you can!

Many moons ago, Iron Maiden ventured into the video game industry when they released Ed Hunter back in 1999. The video game was a first-person shooter, a genre that was flourishing at the moment so it’s safe to say not many game developers had any proper experience on making that sort of games and ended up creating a terrible product for the Maiden crew.

Now, the band decided to go old school and released an 8-bit side-scroller video game called Speed of Light in reference to their song and it’s pretty sweet. The concept is similar to the original Donkey Kong game but with Eddy in it but if that’s not the best attraction for you, maybe the 8-bit soundtrack version of “Speed of Light” can change your mind.

Head over their website here and waste your and your company’s time playing for a bit, or a few hours. Up to you.


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