Today in duh: New Slayer album is heavy, according to Tom Araya

Posted by on September 23, 2014

Remember earlier today when we reported that John Baizley said the next Baroness album wasn’t going to be another double album? Here’s another statement that’s equally as obvious. Slayer frontman Tom Araya was talking to Liquid Metal’s Jose Mangin, and surprised, the new music coming from them is “really, really heavy.”:

We actually finished up a song that we’re doing for somebody and we put that together in five days, and we went in and recorded it, we did all our parts, and then Terry mixed it and we presented it and it fuckin’ sounds really heavy, man. [It] sounds awesome, sounds real fuckin’ heavy.

Of course the new Slayer album is going to sound heavy. When would Slayer ever say that what they were coming out with wasn’t heavy? They’re the standard-bearers of thrash metal, and if you’re going to say what a Slayer album sounds like,  saying it sounds “heavy” is like saying a drum circle sounds “drummy.” What isn’t explained from the quote is what Araya means by the saying the band is doing a song for somebody. Does that mean it won’t be on the  band’s next album, and is for a soundtrack or something? Way to follow up, Jose! At any rate, Araya’s timeline of events lines up with Dave Lombardo’s, who said he played drums on what’s going to be the next Slayer album several years ago. Instead of saying that it sounded really fuckin’ heavy, however, he instead it sounded exactly like World Painted Blood. Araya says the band’s been working on the album for three or four years, and that they’re about two weeks in to laying down drum tracks.

In other Lombardo news, while he’d much rather focus on his current band, Philm, he keeps getting asked about the elephant in the room, which is some band he used to be in that apparently wrote an album that sounds like World Painted Blood and he’s tired of talking about it. Of course, he spoke about being tired of  being asked about Slayer during an interview where he was asked about Slayer. We was asked how he felt about not playing Slayer songs again and said:

I answer this fucking question, and next thing you know, Blabbermouth is all, “He doesn’t see himself playing Slayer songs ever again,” and out of the entire fucking interview, that one fucking line is taken. I’m not answering it! I’m not gonna answer it, because I’m fucking sick and tired of it. No offense toward you, but it’s just so redundant. But you know what? Good press, bad press, I don’t give a fuck. Just spell my name right. [laughs] It’s all good, but I don’t wanna get into that.

He also said that he’s excited to not be in Slayer so doesn’t have to “go on tour 90 day or 100 days out of the year to pay for other peoples’ mortgages.” Ouch. Phil is out in stores now.


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