The new Avenged Sevenfold album could be here tomorrow

Posted by on October 27, 2016

While we’d known they were working on music, it came as a bit of a surprise earlier this month when Avenged Sevenfold unveiled “The Stage,” announced that they’d signed to Capitol Records and that their album would be coming out sometime before the end of the year. Now it appears that the album will be out as soon as tomorrow.

We’d normally dismiss rumors, but Canadian site Musikuniverse.mu has not only the track listing and album artwork of the CD, but an actual picture of a CD. What’s more is that the Canadian Amazon, while stating that it’s unavailable, has a page for it with an October 28th release date, meaning Chris Jericho could be wrong. Here’s what we know about the album, according to all of this:

It’s called The Stage. It has eleven tracks. While “The Stage,” an 8 1/2 minute song you’ve already heard, kicks off the album, it’s not the longest song on the album, as album closer “Exist” is almost 16 minutes long. We’re assuming that if all of this checks out, tonight’s virtual reality event will be the unveiling of the album, so stay tuned. Here’s the alleged track listing: 


1. The Stage
2. Paradigm
3. Sunny Disposition
4. God Damn
5. Creating God
6. Angels
7. Simulation
8. Higher
9. Roman Sky
10. Fermi Paradox
11. Exist




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