The Dillinger Escape Plan new album “actually weirder” than last one

Posted by on February 5, 2016

Dillinger-Escape-PlanThe Dillinger Escape Plan released their last album One Of Us Is The Killer back in 2013 and the album was very well received. Today, the band just revealed some details on the follow-up record and apparently, it will be “actually weirder.”

During an interview with VoidAu.com, guitarist Ben Wienman discussed about their new upcoming album which we expect to get at some point this year. Weinman described:

It’s heavy man. I mean I don’t know, it’s super heavy, it’s definitely dark, but I think it’s actually weirder than maybe our last record. There’s like ideas and riffs that just are so weird, I have to say when I hear it I’m proud to say nobody sounds like Dillinger, really. We may be the worst band in the world, but when I listen to it, I really don’t think anybody would ever write a riff like this. And that’s I guess what I’m most proud of. And that’s what you gotta do, that’s what we try to be, you know? A band that stands out. I think one of my favourite things I’ve ever read or proudest moments was I was reading an interview with somebody – a music journalist who had asked his little cousin, who was like twelve, what bands he likes. He said ‘I don’t know, I just like songs, like on a playlist. I don’t even know the bands, I just like have a playlist and like a bunch of metalcore songs. I don’t even know who they are,’ and then he said, ‘oh no, but I like that band, Dillinger Escape Plan.’

To be the band in a playlist of nameless, kind of personality-less songs, to be the band he actually knew, that was different, you know… that had a sound, that when he heard it he was like, ‘oh I know who this is,’ I guess that’s all we ever wanted to be.

Weinman said that the instrumental part of the album is already done and the only thing missing are some “bells and whistles” and Greg Puciato’s vocals. Speaking of Puciato, he also sat down with sticksforstones.net and discussed about his desire to do a collaboration with Deftones’ Chino Moreno:

“I’ll see him tomorrow, he’s here too, he’s here in London doing press for the newDeftones record. I mean we’ve obviously done… You know, we did the Deftones“Passenger” song onstage together like 30 times, so I would love to, I would love to do something together on the same song. I think a lot of our fans, there’s a good cross portion of Dillinger and Deftones fans, and I think they would be pretty stoked if we were to do something together. But it’d have to be the right thing, the right time… If he were down, I’d be down.”

During the same interview, he talks about potential for a live rendition of  Lamb of God’s “Torches“ in Los Angeles, CA this February 12th when Lamb of God’s tour hits the Hollywood Palladium; the current status of Killer Be Killed’s sophomore album; but mostly he decided to pitch in regarding the Phil Anselmo ordeal. He said about the matter:

“I mean, I think it’s unfortunate just because, you know when you… Metal, you know, has a hard enough time. Metal and rock have a hard enough time, I think, getting taken seriously, you know, outside of itself. And a lot of the reason why is stuff like this happens and then the outside world just sees that.

“…Rock and metal, people treat you like you’re an actor that came from porn, or you’re an athlete that came from fucking professional wrestling. They act like it’s a fucking circus, you know? And the reason they act like it’s a circus is because the only thing that people see outside of it, that don’t know anything about it, is they hear something like this. They hear, ‘Oh, this guy from this band is fucking ‘sieg-heiling’ on stage and yelling ‘white power.” And everyone goes, ‘Of course that’s what he did. He’s in a fucking heavy metal band. They’re all a bunch of fucking retards.’ That’s what people say outside of it. It’s really bad for the genre, but it’s just offensive, man.

I don’t particularly care whether he gets forgiven or not, ’cause I don’t give a shit about anything he’s done since “Far Beyond Driven“. So I truly don’t care. I don’t pay attention to it. I just feel bad on a humanistic level. I don’t care about whether he is forgiven, or about Pantera, or anything like that. I just care on a humanistic level. There’s people that are probably fans of him that are fucking extremely bummed out now. And not just bummed the way I am, or the way you are, but bummed because it directly, personally offends them. They’re black or they’re Jewish or they’re Asian, or they’re not fucking white.

You know, it’s fucking 2016, man. You might as well fucking yell out fucking, ‘Burn f*ggots at the stake’ while you are on stage or something like that. It’s just, like, c’mon, man.”

You can check out the rest of Puciato’s audio interview below.

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