Steroids found in Tim Lambesis’ home

Posted by on September 17, 2013

Tim Lambesis august 13As if we needed further confirmation that Tim Lambesis was using steroids, information has been released that investigators discovered a lock box in Lambesis’ home containing “a lot of different quantities” of male enhancement-type drugs, male libido-type drugs and estrogen blocking drugs, according to NBC San Diego. The information was released yesterday during Lambesis’ pre-trial. The singer is accused of hiring a hit man to murder his estranged wife Meggan Lambesis.

However, this may not be earth-shattering news for Lambesis, whose defense attorney is blaming his steroid use for the alleged interaction requiring an undercover hit man April 23. It could just be allowing his defense to fall in line.

Lambesis’s arraignment has been set for October 22 but a  key player in the alleged murder-for-hire plot has already given an official statement in court. Deputy Howard Bradley, the undercover  officer who posed as a hit man, said yesterday that Lambesis had handed him a manila envelope containing 10 $100 bills as down-payment for a $20,000 fee to have his wife killed, NBC reports.

“He told me he wanted his wife gone,” Bradley said during the preliminary trial.

The As I Lay Dying singer then allegedly told Bradley that his wife was threatening to take 60 percent of his income and not allow his three adopted children to go on tour with him. Meggan Lambesis filed for divorce from the singer in September 2012 after eight years of marriage.

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