Slash’s wife Perla might get half his $ in divorce

Posted by on January 5, 2015

slashA lot has happened with Slash’s career since 2001. His band Velvet Revolver released the double-platinum Contraband, and he’s also released a few solo albums, as well as appeared in a Guitar Hero game, formed a production company for horror films, and played during the halftime of the Super Bowl. Why are we listing his achievements?  Well, they’re all going to come into play since he and his wife, Perla Ferrar, are getting divorced, and she’s attempting to get half of the money he’s made since they got married back then.

According to TMZ, there was no prenuptial agreement signed. They say that Perla has hired a lawyer to find out just how much Slash has earned since their marriage, even though she might have an idea of how much considering that she was his manager before they split up. While she wouldn’t be entitled to the money Slash has made in Guns N’ Roses before their marriage, which is substantial, half of what he’s made in the last 14 years isn’t chump change either. Slash has filed for divorce from her in the past,  but withdrew the petition two months later. We’ll see if that happens this time,  but TMZ reports that he’s already seeing someone and there aren’t any chances for reconciliation this time.

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