Scott Ian Tweets: “I Love Joey Belladonna”

Posted by on February 25, 2014


Yesterday, Joey Belladonna’s interview with with Sweden Rock Magazine made its way across the internet with the somber admission that the other guys in Anthrax aren’t all that friendly with him. Apparently, Scott Ian has gotten wind of this and decided to reach out to Belladonna in the most sentimental way possible: a tweet.

The following was posted yesterday on Ian’s account:

Lest anyone think differently, I love Joey Belladonna. #PDA

Well, guess that’s all there is to it then. Everyone is happy.

But really, if Scott Ian was going to try and be more sincere he might consider doing more than just a tweet. Right now, this seems to be more about making sure he doesn’t look bad. One has to wonder if this will affect the band’s next album because we probably haven’t seen the last of this. Let’s hope he actually picked up a phone and called him. Considering he’s in the midst of his ‘speaking words tour,’ it’s probably going to be a question he has to field more than once.


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