Metallica Super Bowl Watch: Metal Blade’s Brian Slagel, NFL analyst add their support

Posted by on August 14, 2015

Last week, we made a not-so-modest proposal that Metallica should play the halftime at Super Bowl 50. There are enough exhaustive reasons that they should be doing it, even if the NFL isn’t saying anything about it right now. The original petition has gained another 4,000 signatures since last week, so word is continuing to build, even if it’s only half as many that didn’t want Nickelback playing a Thanksgiving game.

This week, the movement’s gained a few more vocal supporters. NFK analyst Jason La Canfora devoted some column space to the idea.  It’s good to know there’s a metalhead covering sports, and while he calls it a “pipe dream,” at least the idea is out there. We got in touch with him and he reiterated it:

I think it would be a genius idea, Its in their backyard, and even if they had to bring in another more mainstream act for a song with them or something it would be amazing, With this being Super Bowl 50, I tend to think the league goes more corporate but this would be amazing.

Another voice weighing in is the man responsible for the world first hearing Metallica, Metal Blade Records president Brian Slagel. In fact, he has intel from the band that they want to do it too! Given, there aren’t many bands that would pass up the opportunity to play for the largest audience in the world. We asked Slagel for his thoughts, and here’s what he said:

 Think of what band you have heard most at Sporting Events? Metallica right? So it would make perfect sense for Metallica to do the halftime show at the upcoming Super Bowl. So many reasons to make this happen. First, it is in their hometown. Second every sports fan knows who Metallica is. it just fits perfectly. The band wants to do it as well!! So please NFL make this happen! Let them play live too! The grammy’s used to have almost every performer playing to tape. Then people finally got outraged and now most play LIVE! And guess what, no problems! The Metallica crew are the best there is and there won’t be any problems there. So really no reason not to make this happen. Let’s all start bugging the NFL to have Metallica play the Super Bowl!!!

It won’t be until November that the Super Bowl 50 halftime act will be announced, which means there’s plenty of time for this movement to keep growing. So remember this as you’re watching the preseason games – regardless of how your team’s doing right now, it doesn’t matter yet, but if they win enough once the season starts, their last game could have Metallica in the middle of it!

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