Video: At Least Nickelback Can Laugh About Detroit Hating Them

Posted by on November 22, 2011

As you may know, fans of the Detroit Lions aren’t exactly pleased that Nickelback are playing the halftime show during the Lions’ Thanksgiving game against the Green Bay Packers. In fact, just under 55,000 fans have signed an online petition to get Nickelback kicked off the halftime show (to no avail, as you can imagine). Rather than taking the backlash against their appearance seriously, the Canadian travesty rock band teamed up with Funny Or Die for an exclusive clip. The parody features comedian Paul Scheer (Human Giant/ The League) as a sleazy record exec trying to help Nickelback figure out a way to fix the “crisis mode” they’ve found themselves in.

We really hate to admit this…but the video is actually pretty funny. We may be among the many who prefer pickles over the band, but at least Nickelback can laugh at themselves. Plus, frontman Chad Kroeger gets props for admitting that the band likes to “make love” to goats and for dressing up like Robocop. You can watch Funny Or Die’s video in the player above.

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