Sepultura Responds To Max Cavalera With A Few Kind Words

Posted by on December 13, 2010


Last week, Max Cavalera began talking up a classic-era Sepultura reunion once again, this time blaming bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. While it wasn’t the first time Cavalera stirred up rumors about a reunion, this time Sepultura didn’t wait to call him out. In a video statement , the current lineup (featuring Paulo and guitarist Andreas Kisser as the only remaining members), not only made it clear that they will be recording and touring this year as Sepultura, but that no reunion with the Cavalera brothers was in the works. In fact, Kisser came right out and called out Max’s recent comments as “fucking bull shit” and not to be listened to. Zing!

You can watch the entire video statement featuring the current lineup of Sepultura above. It definitely is a bit surprising to see Kisser so straight forward and even harsh about what Cavalera has been saying. However, you can’t blame him for being fed up with Cavalera’s recent comments, so good for him for taking the initiative to tell fans what exactly is going on straight from him.

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