Although they may not have won a Grammy for their song “High Road,” Mastodon did in fact win all of our cold, metal, diamond-plated hearts. From Brann Dailor’s birthday suit, to Brent Hinds’ LA Dodgers outfit that he just so happened to be still wearing from practice the night before, everybody seemed to be out for a good time. Being one of the biggest heavy metal acts comes with its perks, one of those being able to troll interviewers at the Grammys for absolute hilarity. However, things were not all fun and games that night. Apparently, as Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan reported, Brent got a little bit rowdy and wound up getting removed from the event after emptying his bag onto the ground that was full of “undies,” “money,” and “weed,” or as I call them, the essentials.

As far as I’m concerned, Brent knows perfectly well how to behave at the Grammys, as well as on stage, in the studio, and wherever they do all of their writing. And if he really did get thrown out of the Grammys, at least he didn’t get his ass kicked this time.

Might we introduce, the Brent Hinds Grammy Awards starter pack:

Brent Hinds Grammy starter pack