Mark Holcomb of Periphery reunites with stolen guitar

Posted by on June 11, 2018

Periphery guitarist, Mark Holcomb has been reunited with his stolen custom PRS guitar thanks to the Aransas Pass, Texas Police Department. Back in April, Mark posted on Facebook about his stolen guitar in hopes of one day retrieving it and there were no updates until today.

Mark took to Instagram to share the good news and was very appreciative to everyone who had a hand in helping recovering the guitar.

This is Detective Mike Luna of the Aransas Pass, TX Police Department. Remember that stolen @prsguitars Private Stock 7-string I had stolen last month? Long story short, Mike was instrumental in helping me recover it this past week. I never expected to see it again, but thanks to Mike, Bob Donaho and Tony Saracene, it’s back where it belongs. I’m still speechless. A million thank yous to Detective Luna, Aransas Pass PD and ALL OF YOU for raising online awareness about the theft. If it weren’t for you all making such a stink about it on social media, this guitar would still be sitting in some degenerate’s shitty garage. Most of you have never met me in person, but the fact that so many of you went out of your way to share, retweet or post about this guitar is ultimately the reason it was recovered.

I am so humbled, and relieved that there is still such an abundance of good in this world. You helped out a stranger, and I will gladly pay it forward. (PS If the thief happens to be reading this, go rescue a dog, learn to crochet or take a fucking basket-weaving class. The path you’re on will either end up with you in jail, or alone. Is stealing stuff and selling it at a flea market really what you want your legacy on this planet to be?
And if anyone is curious to know the story of how the guitar was recovered, the gist of it is that some random bum sold it at a flea market for $200. TWO-HUNDRED DOLLARS. I’ve never been so happy about another person’s lack of brain cells.) 🤷🏽‍♂️
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The Aransas Pass Police Department also posted a statement providing the details on how they retrieved the guitar, along with a video of Mark being reunited with his long lost friend.

Here’s a story with a happy ending!

Mark Holcomb is a guitarist for Heavy Progressive Metal band Periphery. He ordered this custom made guitar from company Paul Reed Smith and it took about 15 months for them to build it and send it to him. Mark’s wife was home when he got the notification on his phone that it had been delivered so he told his wife to get it. When she went outside to get it, it was already gone so Mark never got to see the guitar. Mark reported the Theft to Austin PD and online to several guitar forums with photos of the guitar and the serial number requesting help in finding it.

Two months later, a friend of mine who works in Aransas Pass contacted me and said that his friend had bought this guitar in New Braunfels at a flea market from a shabby, homeless looking guy. He was suspicious of it and thought it might be stolen since the guy only ​​sold it for $200 dollars. This guitar is valued at several thousand dollars. The person that bought it, contacted my friend Tony and he researched the guitar online and found that it had been stolen and reported to Austin PD. I contacted Mark by email on Monday and he called me and I told him the story. I later went and picked up the guitar from Tony and sent Mark another photo of it and confirmed the serial number was the same as the one Mark reported. We then made arrangements for Mark to pick it up here today.

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