Is Behemoth going to break up?

Posted by on September 15, 2014

Earlier this year, Behemoth released The Satanist, which might be one of the best albums of their career. Then they headlined the Metal Alliance tour, showing their theatrical show continues to work amazingly well in a live setting. How are they going to follow that up? According to an interview that Nergal did with Metal Blast during Wacken, they might call it quits. When asked what fans of the band had to look forward to following the band’s 10th album, Nergal, essentially said that they’re not sure where they’re going next, and that their next move might even  be to call it quits:

This album opened many doors for usbut it also closed manyYou can expect anything from us, things could go in any direction… there might not even be another record. Either way feels right. We’re in a very exciting journey right now, it’s a very joyful ride, but I don’t know where it’s going to take us. We might end in a dead-end and just call it quits.

And while the interview makes it seem more philosophical that the band might break up than a reality, Nergal does state that he’s got other ideas beyond the band, including playing non-metal music:

I have so many ideas about so many different things… I’m a musician, I’m way more than that. I want to write stuff, another book, play some more music that isn’t necessarily metal. I might do it and keep Behemoth going, but only as long as we find the inspiration for it; if there’s no inspiration then you won’t see us.
There are many bands that just put out records to have a reason to tour, but you won’t see us doing that, because I’m not that kind of personI wouldn’t compromise like that; so far I have no problems with looking in the mirror, I’ve always been honest. I have a lot of respect for Emperor, who decided to end their career on a high note instead of keep on going; they made no compromises.

It’s true that Nergal is more than just Behemoth. He was a judge on the Polish version of The Voice, has acted and written an autobiography, making him somewhat of a renaissance man stretching beyond the relatively narrow confines of death metal. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see him want to explore to see what more is out there. It doesn’t seem like Behemoth are running on fumes either, though, so maybe we’ll see him take a little time off to pursue his other interests before picking back up with the band. It’d be a shame to see them call it quits for good, though.

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