ideclarewarIt doesn’t take long to make a dumb shirt. Emmure has pretty much made a career of it. And even though their shirt that they took down from their web store last week was kind of a non-issue (according to them) it was still an aggressively dumb shirt. And the Cold Soul shirts that frontman Frankie Palmeri sold glorifying the Columbine killers and racists that he actually pulled from the store were not only dumb, but offensive.

Now I Declare War are getting in on the action via a shirt they have for sale. The front is actually relatively amusing, with a black and white photo featuring a girl flashing with her breasts tastefully obscured by an I Declare War logo. It’s what’s written on the back of the shirt that’s offensive and degrading, not only to women, but to whoever wears them.

Better, however, is a shirt that apparently caused some controversy when it was released earlier this year. The shirt features two guys kissing with the back reading “Who Fucking Cares.” The only people that would care about two guys kissing are probably the same ones that would be happy to wear the other shirt. So in short, keep making derpy controversial shirts and if they’re stupid enough, websites (again, including ours) will write about them. And if you’re interested in picking up either shirt, you can do that here.

























[via Lambgoat]