Emmure seem like less a band than they are a creation of the music industry designed to stir up controversy. And yet Frankie Palmeri and friends continue to do it and metal blogs (this one included, obviously) continue to write about them. The latest involves another T-shirt design from Frankie. If you’ll remember, his Cold Soul merch store was temporarily shut down several years ago after a shirt was for sale featuring the Columbine killers and the text “Shoot First Ask Questions Last” (and this before “Bring a Gun to School!”).

This time, it’s another T-shirt design that the band designed that was taken down after being on sale for only a few hours yesterday. This one isn’t controversial, just dumb. A take off of the ubiquitous “Keep Calm and Carry On” (or “Keep Calm and Chive On”), Emmure’s states “Keep Calm and Ask Your Girl  What My Dick Tastes Like.” Very mature, right? It doesn’t even make sense. At any rate, it’s apparently a five year-old shirt, and the band responded online to the shirt being taken down via Facebook.

“No, Emmure did not remove a T-shirt from the 518 webstore because we thought it was controversial. –
We just don’t want to our fans to visit our online stores and see the same stuff we were selling on tour just weeks ago.
As a collective we are constantly striving to produce new content for our listeners in all aspects. Merchandise included.
I will have you know we have been printing ” Ask Ya Girl” shirts ever since 2009 and was a big seller on last years RockStar Mayhem tour.
Sorry internet but this is not news. You are 5 years late.”

Well, that answers that. It can’t be said that Palmeri and his band aren’t a lightning rod for controversy, and I guess we’re all playing into it. Also, if you own one of these shirts, chances are, you’re a douche. Check out the design below: