Former Machine Head drummer slams Phil Anselmo and Robb Flynn

Posted by on February 1, 2016

krontosEveryone knows the entire situation with Phil Anselmo’s racist outburst during the Dimebash event last weekend and many have commented about it, including Machine Head’s frontman Robb Flynn. Flynn posted a video regarding the matter, slamming Anselmo’s behavior during the event and towards him when he mentioned that he “hated the n*gger era of Machine Head.”

Anselmo already posted an apology video but that doesn’t seem to be sufficient for some, including Machine Head’s former drummer Chris Krontos. Krontos posted the following long, rambling statement to both Anselmo and Flynn, on his Facebook:

“Sorry Phil, but this is the end. I knew I saw this photo of you back stage with the white wine in your hands before you went on stage at DimeBash and processed to shout ‘White Power’ at the top of your shattered voice and gave the Nazi salute TWICE!. Your stupidity and racism once again has collided in your mouth and then into the world via your microphone. I knew I saw this picture with the wine…when I read your flippant and weak statment about how it was a joke about drinking white wine backstage I was fucking disgusted and dismayed at your stupidity on levels I have no words for. I bet you DID mean it as a joke…because you are flat out dumb as a stump racist, I bet this would be funny to you. There is the ‘White Power Wine’ right there in your hands. People are saying (Robb Flynn) that NO white wine was backstage at DimeBash…well there it is. Not Becks beer… I saw this photo the day of the show…and thought to myself how nice to see you and Rita toasting Dimes (‘the Pink beard in the sky’ as it said in the caption below it) before the show. Well after seeing the vid clip of your dumb ass and then reading your statement I remembered the photo. Still you have to be crazy or just so out of touch with the world and are completely racist to think that a joke would be fun OR a way to honour Dimes…or is there more to the story we just dont know about Pantera and how the band really feels about racism? Then I watched Robb Flynn’s response to the whole thing…and I must say he was well spoken and shared true feelings. He said that he had spoken with Phil that night and that Phil said to him ‘I hated the ‘n*gger era’ of Machine Head…every minute of it…with that look’ and Robb said that he laughed In Phil’s face…really? Now, if Phil had said that shit to me before I was to go back him musicly… no fucking way would I get on stage and perform with the guy. I’ll tell you that much. Phil may be big and badass with his mits and all…but I would have had a fucking straightener with Phil right then and there trust every bit of 6′ 227 lbs of Ju-jitsu drum crushing BMX smashing me on that…bullies dont phase me…that brings me to this point… It also made me think about my post about the Machine Head stage dressing these days…and how Nuremberg Nazi Rally it really is. Words and Imagery are very strong forces. The messages you send or speak make a huge impact on the world. I was not going to say anything but then I felt a strong feeling of duty to make a statement as I have stood AGAINST racists and nationalist hate movements my whole adult life. These two guys leave me baffaled as they both seem to be full of crap. I respect Robb for admitting using the word n*gger…but he is not thinking or maybe just too stupid himself to think about the truely Antisemitic and Nazi messages his stage show sends to world and Jews as well as holocaust survivors and there families. I find the whole thing very disturbing and I have to question why if Robb knew about how Phil is and his views on race and the comments made before going on stage then why he would still play up there….was playing with Dave Grohl and Robert Trujillo That big a deal that you would turn a blind eye to the fact you know this info and insight on Phil so you could get in on some kind Im big like these guys too kind of thing? I think you are an opportunist and are full of shit. I’m of mud race and proud of it. I think that we ALL do Better when we all do BETTER in this life. So sorry, but you both are fucking dumb ass self centered blow hards….both of you have your foot in your mouth right now in my book.”


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